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I recently wrote about the People Search Engines “Wink” and “Peek You”.  These sites give you a way to control the information that people will find when they search your name online.  On April 21st, 2009, Google launched their own profile maker, called Google Profile.  Obviously, with the Google behind the project, this profile will be one that will dominate the rest.  I’ve created my own profile, and I’ll run through the steps for you to create one, too!


10 Steps to Creating Your Google Profile

  1. Go to the Google Profile page at http://www.google.com/profiles.
    • Click “Create my profile“.  Log into your Google account, if you’re not already.
    • If you’ve already created an account through another Google application, there may be some existing information.  In this case, click the Edit Profile link.
  2. Fill out your first and last name. Remember that what you put here will change your full name on all Google services such as GMail. Use the name most likely to generate search results, such as the name on your resume.
  3. Upload a photo. Click Change photo on the right side.  This photo will appear next to your name in search results.
  4. Fill out any other fields that interest you. These fields include Nickname, Other Names, Where I grew up, Where I live now, Places I’ve lived, What I do, Current company, Companies I’ve worked for, Current school, and Schools I’ve attended.
  5. Verified domains.  You can verify email addresses associated with your account.  This will allow Google services to recognize this email address and your Google account as associated (e.g. All invitations sent to this email address will automatically appear in your Google Calendar).
  6. Add a little personality. This section is a little less necessary, but adds in a little fun.  You have the option to complete sections for A short bio, Something I can’t find using Google, My superpower, and Interests.
  7. Choose links to display on your profile. Google will automatically find a any links associated with your Gmail address like your Google Reader or Picasa accounts.  You can also add links to your blog, Facebook, MySpace, or any other sites where you participate.
  8. Save changes.  Click Create profile to save this initial information.  If you already had some information present, click Save changes.
  9. Contact info.  In the light blue bar near the top of your profile page, you’ll see About Me and Contact Info.  Click the Contact Info tab, then click Edit Profile.  This section is a little more personal, so it’s up to you whether to add any information at all.
  10. Add Photos. You also have the option to add photos to your profile from a number of photo sharing services.

That’ll do it!  Now go and search your name to see what happens!  Odds are if you look all the way to the bottom of the results you’ll see your name with your profile picture.

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