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A while back I put together a quick list of some of my favorite Plugins to install when you’re getting started with WordPress.  After spending some more time with WordPress, I have more I’d like to add to the discussion.  Most of these are pretty basic, and would be helpful for most blogs.

Useful WordPress Plugins

Contact Form 7 – A simple, easy to use contact form.  I’ve found that every site should have a Contact page, and this plugin makes that really easy to set up.

Easy AdSense – If you use AdSense on your site, this plugin is GREAT.  Instead of manually adding your code into places in your template, this plugin can add AdSense before, during, or after posts, in the sidebar, and even Google Search.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – This adds the area to the end of your posts that shows similar posts you’ve written that the reader may be interested in. If you don’t help people find good content, why would they stay on your site?

WP-SpamFree – An extremely powerful anti-spam plugin that virtually eliminates comment spam. Seems to work better than the other anti-spam plugins out there.

Possibly worth checking out…

I often find new plugins that seem great at first, but end up being pretty useless in time. Here are some I’m checking out right now that you may want to check out, too.

PS Disable Auto FormattingPlugin is able to disable function auto formatting of your posts and pages.   Basically, it saves <p> and <br /> formatted content that would otherwise be removed by WordPress as unnecessary.

MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer – Pinging is what notifies the different search engines and directories about changes to your site. Save your blog from getting tagged as ping spammer by installing this plugin. Also provides future post pings, and logging.


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