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About Jeremy

Who the heck am I?  I’ll make it quick…

I have a Media & Theater Arts degree from Montana State University.  Immediately after college, I made the trek from Montana to Los Angeles.  After several valuable life experiences, a game testing gig at THQ, and a job working in Post Production Sound, I returned to Montana after almost 2 years.  Since 2003, I’ve been working as a video editor at a Video Production and Duplication Facility in Billings, MT.

I first got into web design in 2006.  I created a website for fun, and it actually took off!  I have continued to learn, create sites for friends and family, and create new sites for myself.  In 2008, I created the Outdoor Game Players Network.  The Network is a trio of online communities for game players.  There are individual sites for the games of Cornhole and Washers, and a third site that has a broader reach to include any other outdoor games.

I’ve done seemingly endless research on how to optimize sites, create and maintain communities, and utilize social media over the last few years.  I recently decided to turn my fascination with these concepts into a blog where I can share my interests with others.  I’m actively finding new things, and implementing them on my sites.  I figure I might as well blog about these sights and finds, so that others can benefit.

My goal for 2009 is to find and use as many types of social media as I can.  I will be integrating new features into all 11 of my websites, and I will share the successes and failures as I go.

Hopefully I can provide useful content for others who are just getting started in web design and development along the way!

–Jeremy Lindh