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Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

I’m trying to set up a second site with Thesis 2.1  It’s generally smooth after figuring out the bits and pieces of Thesis 2.1, but I still want to create this post as a bit of a step-by-step, if for not other reason than to help me as I spread to my other sites.  I’ll be adding to this page as I go, but figured I’d go ahead and post what I have so far.

  • Back up current theme. Always a must.
  • Grab favicon and header graphics, have them handy.
  • INSTALL Thesis 2.1 from the zip file. No idea why, but my admin page doesn’t load correctly when I copy the files using an FTP. If anybody knows why this gives me problems, I’d be curious to find out.
  • Export your working theme from the current site it’s on. Export is located in Thesis > Skin Editor > Manager.  Then import that file in to your new Thesis site.
  • Nav Menu.  I was working with Thesis navigation, not WordPress, so I need to create new menu structures for each of my sites.  This is done in Appearance > Menus.  Once this is done, go to Skin > Content > Nav Menu, and select your menu.  You can create this menu before you apply the new theme.

NOTE:  When theme editing with CSS.  DO NOT go back to the Admin controls for ANYTHING.  Saving there will reset a ton of values you may have changed in the CSS.  Learned the hard way…

Importing Thesis 2.1 on Additional Websites

I’m running similar Thesis themes on many of my older sites, so they’re all kind of similar in form.  Because of this, I’m able to spread this new Thesis theme to each of my sites without starting from the beginning.  I’ve had decent luck exporting themes from existing sites like this one and importing in to my new Thesis 2 installations.  There are a few things that have to be set up for each site, including navigation, favicon, header, and the sidebar.

Random Additional Things to Think About

  • Append site name to Title – Located in Site > HTML Head > Title Tag
  • Head Scripts- Located in Site > HTML Head
  • Tracking Scripts – Site > Tracking Scripts
  • Add comments to post pages. Not there by default!
  • Open some tabs.  Before I install the new theme, I’ll open a bunch of browser tabs for pages in my old theme.  Thesis Site, Thesis Design, Widgets, & any others that erase.  As long as you don’t refresh these pages, you can copy information out of them that you may need with the fresh theme.

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community


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