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blilpfmMy goal for this year has been to check out a bunch of different Social Media & Social Networking sites on the net.  For the most part, I register, check the site out, then forget to ever go back.  I’ve finally found one that I think is pretty cool.  While not ‘new’, Blip.fm was new to me.  I’ve been playing around on the site for about a week now, and for the most part, I really dig it.

I would describe Blip.fm as a cross between internet radio and Twitter.  You follow people and have followers, similar to Twitter.  The difference, is that all of your “tweets”, now called “blips”, are songs instead of text or links.  Blips can have text with them, but you can’t just write a note without having a song attached.  Blip.fm has a live feed that updates to include songs being blipped by anybody you’re following.  You can just let it play and receive a wide variety of music from a bunch of people who, in theory, have similar musical tastes.  Every time you blip a song you can receive a list of people who have recently played that song.  Adding those people to your favorites list should add people with similar musical tastes.  You can add or remove the people you follow at any time.

The good: Blip.fm is a great way to find new music that is similar to music you already enjoy. For people who love music, it’s neat to find people who are interested in the same types of music, too.  Blip.fm is also a great way to listen to music.  Once you’ve created a list of people you follow, you can go to the site and just let the feed play.  You’ll have a wide mix of music played for you all day, with NO commercials!  You can also create a playlist of songs that you’ve already blipped to listen to later.

The Bad: There are a few features and tweaks that need to be made to make the service better in the long run.  My biggest complaint is that it’s very easy to add people to follow, but much harder to remove them.  I’d like a feature on each blip that gives an option to remove that user.  Also, things like comments and “re-blips” can be kind of confusing and need a little more ease of use ( like adding an @ to a reblip ).

The Ugly: Where do they get the music?  It appears that the music you’re listening to is just music random people have linked to.  Often the quality is bad, or it’s a live performance.  Other times you’ll click a song only to be told it’s unavailable.  I’m wondering if they’re going to run into royalty issues for streaming music they don’t have permission to use.

Overall, Blip.fm is a fun service.  It’s a great way to listen to music, and a great way to learn about new music from other people.  It may have a few issues, but the overall experience is pretty fun!

Oh – and by the way, I’m on there at http://blip.fm/glorified_j


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