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wordpress logoI’ve only been using WordPress for a short time.  I’m constantly finding new plugins that add great options and features.  I think part of the fun of having a blog is constantly adding new Widgets and Plugins.

When I started this site, I instantly installed several plugins to get me up and running fast.  In case this could someday help somebody else… here they are!

In no particular order…

Great Starter Plugins for WordPress

Askimet.  This one is obvious, and now comes with the WordPress install.  You’ll just need to activate it.

All in One SEO Pack – This one is great!  It helps you give all of your posts the proper metadata that you’d put on a normal webpage, like a Title, Description, and Tags.  It also manages your the titles of all of your other pages.  It’s really nice to have.

Google XML Sitemaps – This one creates a Sitemap for your site.  This is really helpful to get your site indexed by the search engines.  It also notifies Ask.com, Google, MSN Live Search and YAHOO about any changes or new posts.

Sociable – There are several options for icons, etc. to let others Share or Subscribe to your content.  I’ve tried a few, and this is my favorite.  It puts little graphics for the many Social Media sites across the bottom of your posts.  You can pick from a huge list of popular sites, then you can even reorder those to your liking.

WordPress Database Backup – This one just does what it needs to do.  It helps you back up your content on a regular basis.  It even runs on a schedule, so that you don’t have to remember.  Because, really, who remembers to back up their databases?  I wish I could find a phpBB plugin like this!

**Update** I’ve added a list of 6 additional plugins that are great when getting started with WordPress. Be sure to check them out, too!


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