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About Me

jeremy-pictureThanks for checking out my website. I have created this page to give you a better idea of who I am,what I do, and what I’m all about.

About Me

My name is Jeremy Lindh, and I’m a bit of a dabbler. I spend my days working with video, graphics, and audio. The rest of the time I’m an amateur website creator/manager/tweaker. Over the last 9 years I’ve developed the Outdoor Game Players Network, which consists of about 15 websites which are mostly Outdoor Game related. I’m self taught in all of my web endeavors, so I tend to learn as I go. I started this site as an online notepad for the random things I come across and struggle with as I work on my various websites.   I figure if I have to spend 15 minutes searching for information, I might as well share it to save somebody else the time later.

Current Projects

The wonderful world of Outdoor Games has taken a big hit over the last few years, especially as the Googlemachine has evolved to squeeze out smaller sites like mine in favor of the big guys.  (even if their information isn’t as good, and their communities aren’t as strong)   The last couple of years have been trying to find ways to get back in to the good graces of the search engines, mostly unsuccessfully.

Unfortunately, the real world also catches up…  Websites are fun, but eventually you have to pay bills, too.  The day job has mostly consumed my time and energy for creating sites.

The Outdoor Game Players Network:

I’ve lost count, but I’m up to like 16 of my own sites.

Cornhole Game Players – New information on building both boards and bags is being posted constantly. Can’t find what you need? Ask a question, and one of our great members will help you out!

Cornhole Wiki – A user edited Wiki site that is all about Cornhole!

Shop 4 Cornhole – Cornhole Superstore!  Selling a variety of Cornhole boards, bags, and accessories.  Best selection of Cornhole products on the internet.

Cornhole Game Builders — Information and instruction for building Cornhole boards, Cornhole Bags, Score Towers, and Drink Holders.

iCornhole.com – Selling High Quality Cornhole Boards, Bags, and Accessories.

Cornhole Reviews – Cornhole product reviews and more! Get all the information you need to make your next purchase!

Washer Game Players — Community for Washer Players. Washer game building, rules, forum, photos, and more.

Outdoor Game Players — Part of the Outdoor Game Players Network. Devoted to common and unusual outdoor games. Games for tailgating and backyard BBQ’s, like Ladder Golf, Kubb, Mölkky, Box Hockey, Frisbee Golf, and more!

Outdoor Game Shop – new and unusual Outdoor Games and tossing games.

Outdoor Games Blog — Your source for anything Outdoor Game related. Building tips, game rules and information, and more!

Outdoor Game Reviews – Reviews for a variety of new and unusual Outdoor Games.

Outdoor Game Deals – Find great prices and bargains on a variety of Outdoor Games.

Outdoor Game Bargains – Auctions and good prices on Outdoor Games.

Play Drinking Games – Rules and Information for playing Drinking Games.

Making Home Brew – Blog that follows the process of a rookie homebrewer.

Interweb Adventures – Social Media, Community Development, Blogging, and more.

Other Sites I’ve Created

Shelly’s Cakes – Wedding site with photo galleries and information.
– Montana Cardiac Rehab group

Social Network Connections

Connect with me!

LinkedIn – I use LinkedIn as a way to keep tied to people of similar interests in a more professional setting. I think business networking will find it’s place in the social networking arena sooner than later.