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Memberlist Mod for phpBB3

No matter what I do, I still get spam on my phpbb3 forums.  It seems like there should be better spam prevention by now, but apparently the spammers are presistant.  Generally, I go through and delete & ban the users one by one.  I’m fairly sure banning is a waste of my time, but I still do it about half of the time.

When the spam accounts actually post in the forum, it’s easy to identify and delete them.  However, there are a lot of spam accounts that create an account, add links to their signature, but then never post.  I don’t want these accounts, either, even if they’re not currently hurting anything.

I recently came across a quick way to delete multiple spam accounts quickly, and at the same time from the Memberlist page.  It’s a fairly easy mod that only requires modifying three files.  (mod found here)

Many spam accounts will add a URL to the website field, and you can easily see this from the memberlist.  It’s also often handy to remove members who registered but never logged on to the site.  When I have time, I’ll even go through and look at the profiles for any members with zero posts.  About half of these accounts have spam links in their signatures, and I remove them as well.

Spam is a pain, but at least with this mod you can delete multiple forum accounts fairly quickly!

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