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PhpBB3 to Coppermine Bridge

A great way to make the phpBB forum even better is to link it with Coppermine. Coppermine is an open-source photo gallery you can use on your website. It may not be the prettiest or most feature rich option, but it’s really stable, and does most anything I’ve ever needed it to do.

One cool thing you can do with Coppermine is create a bridge that will create a single log in for your forum members. It’s a really easy mod, and well worth doing if you’re running both of these programs.

I’ve been using this on my Cornhole, Washers, and Outdoor Games forums for a while now.  It works great, and the single log-in is really nice.  There isn’t a ton of support for this, so hopefully you get it to work on your first try!

Steps involved

  • Execute an SQL statement
  • Replace a phpBB3 file
  • Delete forum cache file
  • Change some phpBB3 ACP permission options.
  • Replace a few Coppermine files.
  • Run the Bridge Manager

Link to Mod – Bridge Coppermine <-> phpBB3, v0.9.0


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