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Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

Thesis WordPress Theme

I LOVE Thesis. I’ve been using it for all of my websites for about 8 months now. In the past, each new website meant I had to search the ‘net for decent WordPress themes. Most of the themes I found were ‘okay’, but never exactly what I wanted. That all changed when I found Thesis.

The best part of Thesis is the amazing SEO. There are a bunch of features to help you increase your site’s SEO built right in. There’s also a great admin panel that lets you choose your site’s fonts, colors, navigation, and more. All built into Thesis!

Once you buy Thesis, you own it, and you get all the future updates for free! That includes the new 1.7.

Thesis 1.7

So back to the NEW Thesis… There’s a lot to be excited about in the new Thesis 1.7.

  • Options Manager. My favorite part. I use similar templates for all of my sites, but I still have to go into Thesis and configure all of the options to make everything work. Not anymore! Thesis now has a way to have your options and import them into a fresh install. RAD.
  • New headline filter – It used to take some CSS trickery to remove the headline, but now it’s built right in!
  • Easy 301 redirects. Another of my favorite new features. I used to use a plugin called “Page Links To”, and now the same functionality built right in to Thesis!
  • New SEO controls and detail. As if the SEO benefits weren’t already great, they’ve added even more. Features for robots tags, categories, and tags. Deep SEO stuff.
  • Flexible new comment system – Gives you the ability to reorder comments, trackbacks, and the comment form.
  • Completely reorganized options pages.
  • Increased efficiency from every angle.
  • Include a slew of JavaScript libraries.
  • New home page controls – complete SEO control on your home page.
  • New hooks
  • Beefed-up internationalization
  • Improved core element defaults
  • Dramatically improved code quality

If you aren’t already using Thesis, I couldn’t encourage it more.  It’s saved me SO much time, and improved all of my sites.  Check it out!

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

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