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Online Community Strategist Angela Connor recently discussed Twitter Guidelines for employers on her blog.  Her article, “Do employees need social media guidelines?, discusses whether companies should be concerned about the Social Media discussions of their employees – specifically through Twitter.  For any company that deals in material that could be viewed as sensitive or confidential, this is an important topic to consider.  I highly suggest reading her article.

In response to her article, I wrote a comment that she later made into a guest post.  “Here’s why employers need twitter guidelines”   I feel like employers would be better served to discuss these topics with their employees before they become an actual issue.  A quick talk about separation of work and Twitter with your employees could save you the loss of a client, and them the loss of a job.  Something to think about…

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  • Angela Connor February 6, 2009, 5:06 am

    You were wise to bring to light a real situation that illustrates why a few guidelines might be necessary. It made me think, and I believe you are on to something.

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