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Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

6 months ago I would have thought the idea of purchasing a WordPress theme was pretty inane.  I’m by no means a great designer, but I’ve been able to toss together sites, or tweak existing themes to meet my needs.

I recently learned of the Thesis Theme.  Turns out there are a LOT of blogs that are using the theme, but it’s so easy to change to suit your needs that it’s not always that obvious.  There are a few reasons that people give Thesis rave reviews.  I don’t need to go into details here, but I’ll note a few of my highlights.

My favorite thing about Thesis is that it gives you a bare bones site and lets you add or subtract from there.  Changing fonts, columns, and a bunch of other layout elements is easy, using your WordPress dashboard.  You can use the same template across several websites, and they can all look completely different!  The number of easy options that you can change through the dashboard is GREAT.

The other major thing you’ll read all about when learning about the Thesis Theme is the SEO.  The thesis theme is a really clean runnin’ wordpress theme.  They’ve stripped it down to be really friendly to Google and the other search engines.  I can’t vouch for that, necessarily, but I recently had a blog I created end up indexed on Google in under a week, coming in at #6 for the top keyword.  Impressive to me, considering I wasn’t even done designing the site yet.

The downside…  there is a steep learning curve for Thesis.  The use of “hooks” for design elements is one that you’ll have to learn about before you’re able to change your header, or move parts of the layout around.  Luckily there are a ton of tutorials on the ‘net to help you out, and I’ve been able to do anything I’ve needed to do so far.

Just a heads up, I’ll be writing quite a bit about Thesis in the upcoming weeks.  Just little things as I tweak and figure things out!

**NOTE** When this post was written, I this blog was not yet running Thesis. However, it is now! Almost every site I work with runs Thesis on WordPress. Use the dropdown menu at the top right of my blog to view some of my other sites.

  • belajar wordpress June 17, 2009, 7:36 am

    I like thesis theme also, it is white, clean and easier to organize.

  • Bryan Thompson June 3, 2010, 1:52 pm

    A lot of blogs indeed are using Thesis Theme.
    Two main reasons
    1. Great built in SEO
    2. Highly customizable (I mean really customizable)

    There are over 700 Thesis Customizations on display at http://ThesisGallery.com
    It’s a great place to get designs ideas.


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